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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Facebook added a new feature   to facebook comments.Now you   can edit your comment anytime after you put it.Today I like to show you   some  special   cool comments   tricks for facebook.

1.Edit your comments  after  you put  it.
This is very important thing on facebook.Because when you put a comment there   can be some mistakes.Before we can’t do nothing for them but now you can easily edit your comment .

facebook NEW comments edit

2.Unfollow  Post.
When you put a comment on somewhere you will auto follow  the post.If the post get lot of comments then you can be have a trouble with the post .So then you can Unfollow  the post by clicking “Unfollow  Post” .

facebook unfollow post

3.Bookmark the post.

Sometime we can lost a valuable posts.So we must bookmark it by clicking the post Time Link.

Facebook Bookmark post
i.Click the  post Time then you will send to the post original link.
ii.Then  Press  “ CTRL+D” to bookmark the post.

4.Blue comments/Status on fcebook.
This is cool ..put your status in blue.
Paste bellow code when you put a status update with your own text.

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your  own Text Here ]]

facebook blue test status

5.Mention Someone on a comment/status.
just put @[friendid:]  Or @Friend name (when you start to enter someone name a list will drop down.then select a friend from the list)  
EG:If  You want to mention mark zuckerberg on facebook   you can put @[4:] or You can start to enter his name @mark zucke.. then a list will drop down and then select him.

6.Use symbols on comments/status/massages/groups/fan pages and etc..
you can use special symbols on facebook and it will give  more special for you.
Bellow are some of most popular symbols of facebook and other social networks.
♥  ❤ ❥ ★ ✿ ✌✖ ☠ ✔ ☕ ♫ ☹ ✉ ╰☆╮❋ ⚘ ☁ ☀✯✡★☪ ™ ® ©
Copy any symbol above and paste it on facebook.

7.Write upside Download letters on facebook status/comments/massages/etc...

This is another cool trick on facebook you can put upside down letters on facebook using Upside Down letters converter.

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