What is facebook??

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facebook is a free social network service .This is free for every one .You can share your ideas.And friends can share their ideas.

Facebook start on 2004 by a student of Cambridge, Massachusetts name "Mark Zuckerberg" and his friends Eduardo Saverin,Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Screen-shot 2005

Screen-shot 2007

Screen-shot 2011

  • New fetures on facebook
  1. Add friends -you can add over 5000 friends to your facebook account.(just search and click "add Friend" button.)

  2. Post on your wall : facebook give your own page and you can easily post videos,pictures,ideas.And friends can comment on them or like them by a click.

  3. Send Massage-You can send massages to anyone on facebook(you can stop this using your facebook account setting tab )

  4. Chat-You can chat with friends that are in your account.(you can put comment ,put like and chat with all in one page. )
  5. Notifications-What your friends do ?? Facebook  show  using notification system.(auto display)
  6. Poke-You can poke your friends and friends can poke back.

  7. Groups-You can create groups and add friends(every member can add friends to your group or you only)

Get more fun with  many more features join now to facebook!!!!
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